What is TreGiv? 

Social Giving for Special Occasions.

Branch out into a more personal way of giving with TreGiv. 

If your child’s birthday is coming up and they’d prefer cash to socks…
If you’re about to get married and would rather receive money towards your honeymoon than a toaster or towels…

If you’re having a retirement party at work and you want to store financial gifts from colleagues in one place…. 

Whatever the occasion, TreGiv is a unique way of gifting money. No coins to lose or cheques to pay in; once your event is over it's just a quick click and the funds are transferred to you.


It’s easy to set up an account on our website or via our app and we’ll help you create your first event and plant your virtual donation tree.
You can then send out invites to your friends and family. They’ll receive a unique code that allows them to access your tree and donate to your cause.


With each contribution your tree grows.

Each separate payment equals a new leaf:
as the money comes in your tree becomes taller and fuller, making it easy to see
how much is there at a glance.


Your money is kept safe, using our secure platform and when your event is over you’ll have direct access to every penny. You can even use TreGiv to send out Thank You cards afterwards.
Got more than one event coming up? No problem. You can have as many trees as you need, each with its own separate photo and messaging features, so there’s no confusion about who has donated to which fund.

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